Phresh Hit Recordings Terms & Conditions 1. FREE DOWNLOADS - Free Download(s) of any beat(s) Produced by "Phresh Hit Recordings" does NOT include any artistic or legislative rights to the beat. Free Downloaded versions are for non-profit use only (example Youtube, Facebook, Soundcloud, Myspace, Instagram ect.) Songs using the free downloaded beat must give credit in written form to Phresh Hit Recordings in the song description. You are not allowed to use these beats for mixtapes or albums, even for promotional use only. Copying, ripping, stealing, reselling, of any audio material found on this site is prohibited and legal will be taken if these terms are violated. 2. LEASING RIGHTS - Leasing Rights grants the customer limited artistic and legislative rights to the purchased beat for One profitable/commercial use through any media (example Mixtape, Album, EP with a circulation cap of 2,000 sale units. Once this limit is reached, the customer requires a new lease with additional sales cap and must contact Phresh Hit Recordings if the beat has not been sold exclusively and rights are still available. Leasing a beat does not make the purchaser the sole owner of the beat. Leasing licenses do not include radio, television, Film, or video airplay. Any re-sale or distribution of the producer's compositions is strictly probhibited, either as they exist or with any modifications thereof. You (the customer) can not sell, rent, lease, load, re-arrange, remove any melodies, Instruments, drum programming, or transfer all or any of the products sold or the corresponding rights to another person, (example record label another production company and ownership of the instrumental compostion. Licensee can not use any compositions as background elements in TV, Film and DVD / computer game project without obtaining a new license from "Phresh Hit Recordings", Licensee agrees to display the producer's name in all physical media (example "Produced by Phresh Hit"). Furthermore, LEASING RIGHTS are subject to terms in points Three (3) through Six (6). 3. CREDIT AGREEMENT - Credit must always be given to "Phresh Hit Recordings". By making any purchase, the customer declares that he will give credit to the producer where possible in written form (CD cover/booklet, Youtube videos, social network pages ect.) Proper credit is deemed as follows: "Beat prod. by Phresh Hit, music prod. by Phresh Hit or any variation therof - All Rights reserved. 4. PERFORMANCES - Non-profitable performances are allowed with the purchase of the license. For profitable performances the contract must be re-issued with with increased rights (ex. Exclusive rights which has a separate Contract/Terms and Conditions.) Even Non profit performances are NOT allowed with free downloads, lease rights must be purchased. 5. DELIVERY - PayPal - For purchases through paypal, the product will be delieverd within 48 hours of the payment received. 6. GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS - By making a payment, the customer declares that he/she is fully aware of the terms and conditions and accepts and agrees to them. For this written agreement and general legal relationship, United States Law is applicable. If a beat contains a sample/samples, the samples -clearing needs to be done by the customer(s) NOT by Phresh Hit Recordings. The licensee (you, the customer) understands & accepts that they are responsible for clearing all samples that they choose to use and that the licensor (Phresh Hit Recordings) can not and will not be held liable for the misuse of any sampled material that the licensee uses in conjunction with the original instrumental composition that is being licensed in this agreement. The licensee understands & accepts that he/she only paid for the production work of the producer. The licensor dows not claim to have any rights on any sampled material. Under no circumstances is the customer allowed to re-sell the beat purchased in any form. Customers may edit/alter the length of the beat as they see fit as long as they own the license to the beat and do not change the sound- structure of the beat in any way. Customer is not allowed to use the melodies, instruments, sounds, drum arrangements, ect of the original instrumental for other compositons. after the delivery of the beat, Phresh Hit Recordings will be unbound of any further responsibilities to the customer and legally freed of any further duties. Any beat by Phresh Hit Recordings may NOT be uploaded on any website without permission. Phresh Hit is not responsible for other sites claiming to sell our beats. Anybody abusing or disrespecting the listed terms & conditions will be subject to legal action.